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Summerville Jaycees P.O. Box 1506 Summerville, SC 29484 (843) 709-0068

Christmas Event 2003
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2003 Christmas Parade

Dear Community Members:



     Our yearly Christmas Parade is just around the corner.  It's scheduled for December 14th & this years parade theme is The Meaning of Christmas.  Attached is a copy of the application for your use information. If you need additional applications, please make copies of this one. The deadline to get you application in is December 8th, 2003. Please send them directly to the PO Box below and make sure that they are received (not postmarked) by the deadline date. 


     Placements in the parade are made on first come first served basis, except, when special arrangements have to be made for certain groups. Due to the time constraints, I will not be calling everyone to let them know; however, you can contact Melinda Mazzone at 568-0509, and she will have the updated information.


     You must be in your assigned place no later than 1:25pm that day. Volunteer Jaycees will be in the area to give you your assigned positions. The lining up will start on W. 4th N. Street (by the Wachovia) and continue down to Pine and Laurel Street.  The parade route is also the same, beginning on Main Street, past Town Hall, turning right on Richardson and then Laurel Street. Please make sure that you complete the parade route.


    Your payment for the entry fee must be received with your application. The entry fees are $25.00 for commercial entries and $5.00 for all non-profit entries.  This fee is considered a donation to the Jaycee Community Charities, as well as, Families helping Families. If your group and or business would like to provide an extra donation toward this years cause, it would be greatly appreciated. Remember that Christmas is all about giving and not receiving.




  • Do Not Include A Santa In Your Entry!  (The real Santa will be at the end of the parade on the fire truck and we do not want to confuse the children)


  • Do Not Throw Candy Into The Crowd! (If you want to give out candy, please have walkers hand it out.)

                         Summerville Jaycees

PO Box 1506 Summerville SC, 29484 843-568-0509