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January 2005 Newsletter

February 2005 Newsletter

December 2004


Summerville Jaycees, Friends, and Supporters:


It has been an absolute pleasure serving you as the 27th Summerville Jaycee President.

This has definitely been the year I’ll remember. However, the memories would be shallow without each one of you.


The achievements that the Summerville Jaycees have accomplished in 2004 are tremendous.  For the first time in my career, I feel like I’ve made a difference in each one of you including myself.


Our many accomplishments can be attributed to a few factors. First, the team of local board members for 2004 is phenomenal. Not only do they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, but they also give countless hours to our organization. I can’t say thank you enough for the job you do! As effective as they are, they can’t do any of this without YOU. Success starts at this level with great leaders and dominant teams. The work that all of you have done is incredible. You’ve been dedicated, determined, and relentless in your mission to make a positive impact in our community. I want to thank the businesses and organizations across the tri-county area that help make it possible for the Summerville Jaycees to continue to do the work we do each year.


The job is not finished at the end of 2004. Successful members have important long-term commitments ahead of them.  If you choose to take a position on our board, you will without a doubt begin to challenge yourself, as well as, starting a dynamic career. Effective leaders will be elected to carry out our chapter plan in December 2004. I feel very confident for those who are elected for the year ahead.


Thank you all for supporting me throughout the year. It’s the little things you do that make a difference.  I want to be sure each of you know I appreciate everything you’ve done. And thanks for being a Jaycee. 


Special thanks goes out to Denise Patrick for taking on the roll of chairperson for the 2004 Christmas Parade; it was a huge success. Merry Christmas to all.. Have a safe and Happy New Year!. 


Thank you,

Melinda Mazzone

27th Summerville President